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Katia & Michael
Fine Art Fairytale Elopement in Bishop's Garden at the National Cathedral

DC Wedding and Elopement Photographer

Katia and Mike…where do I even start. I just loved everything about their elopement. But to start from the beginning, Katia found me on TikTok, and from the first call I had with her, I just knew we fucking VIBED. We met a little before sunset so they could exchange vows in front of a small group of family and friends, and then spent the rest of our time soaking in the “just married” vibes and taking some bad ass portraits!


Elopements have always been my personal favorite, not only because they’re more intimate, but I also feel like they give me the most flexibility to be creative and truly focus on making art without timeline chaos. The love these two share is palpable, their style was second to none, and the whole thing just felt like a fine-art fairytale. In Bishop’s Garden right outside the National Cathedral, no less!! 


As much as I love calling Baltimore home, I am coming to absolutely fall in love with DC and all the work I’ve been doing there. More DC Weddings and elopements please and thank you!!

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