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Ashley & Brendan
Cozy Bookstore Engagement Session in Old Ellicott City
Maryland Wedding Photographer

Hands down my favorite types of engagement sessions are doing an activity that is meaningful to the couple I’m working with. So when Ashley told me her and Brendan love to read together, Backwater Books in Old Ellicott City was top of my list for location. 


I met Brendan and Ashley about a year ago, because they’re two of my partner Tony’s best friends! There is truly no great joy to me than photographing friends. Ashley and Brendan’s affection for each other came through so clearly that it hardly required any prompting, and on top of that, they were down to try anything, which made for an absolute blast of an engagement session. We started off hanging out in the bookstore, and then finished up the session by taking a stroll around Ellicott City’s Historic District. Best of all we ended our night doing a double date at Royal Taj, one of the best local Indian restaurants. Love these two and the memories we were able to document together!


If you’re preparing for an engagement session, before just trying to hone in on an aesthetically pleasing location, consider what feels most natural to your relationship. One of my very favorite ways to do engagements is simply to third wheel my couples’ go-to date night! Whether it’s walking to your local ice cream spot, taking a bike ride through your neighborhood, or cooking a meal at home and cozying up on the couch- I truly believe it’s the best option to come away with photos that feel true to you. 

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