So stoked that you're here.

First things first- no, my first name's not Juliete, it's Tia. My middle name is Juliete. I'm not sure why I made my business name so confusing for everyone...but at this point I'm just gonna stick with it. So hi, I'm Tia!

I'm Maryland born and raised, and you'll most likely find me
eating chips and salsa (hot take- tortilla chips are best with Old Bay), watching the Bachelor (if you watch, I will 100% tell you all my sorry), or being a total stage mom to my cat Goose, who is the absolute queen of my heart. I mean LOOK AT HER!


The approach is simple

I'm an intimate wedding and elopement photographer who is inspired by the beautiful normalcy of life and love.

Yes, weddings are incredible- but they are one page in the many chapters of your love story- and that's why I think it's most important to capture the way your love feels, not just extravagant details. 

If you love to be surrounded by the beauty of nature,

If you are passionate about being able to relive your love story through photos,

If you are looking for just as much of a friend as you are a photographer,

If you dream of having a wedding that is the most relaxed, love centered day of your life-

Then we are the perfect fit.

And just to be abundantly clear:

I am here to serve all people who vibe with my artistic vision, and I am here to capture love in all forms.

Working with me will be a place of inclusion, love, and safety.

I cannot wait to tell your story.


xoxo, T