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Stoked That You're Here. Let's Get to Know Each Other!

I'm Tia, and I'm a wedding and elopement photographer based out of Baltimore! My main service areas are Maryland, Pennsylvania, and New York, but I'm always down to bop on over to wherever you want me! 

You already know my approach to photography is 75% documentary, 25% editorial shots for the vibe, and 100% prioritizing memories you'll cherish and having a good fucking time. Most importantly, I have no space in my business for discrimination or hate of any kind. My work is and will always be for everyone- it is a huge priority for me to make TJP an inclusive space for the LGBTQIA+ AND BIPOC communities.


So that's what's up! If you're with it, let's get to talking.


I'm the Type of Person Who...

(This sounds like I'm writing a dating app bio)

• Is a Talking Heads super-fan. If you play them at your wedding, I can't be held responsible for my subpar dance moves. You've been warned.

• Is a Cancer. It's not if I'll cry during your wedding, it's when.

• Is happiest when I'm eating my way through Baltimore.

• Will try to talk to you about the most recent cult
documentary I watched

• But also wants to hear all of your reality TV hot takes.

• Can't wait to be your professional hype man!


And for good measure, you should also meet Goose. Okay, that's all!


xoxo, T

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