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Photography that Preserves the

Memories You Made & Moments You Missed

Hey, I'm Tia!

I wanna take your picture, but you already know that.
Here's what you might not know-

I'm based out of Baltimore, Maryland and I'm down to kick it here and wherever else you wanna go!  

In most ways, I consider myself a documentary style photographer.
 My priority is for your photos to be true to life- which means embracing things as they come, keeping an eye out for in-between moments  that would otherwise be forgotten, and leaving you with a time capsule of how your love feels.


That said, I'll also take any opportunity to try new artistic, editorial vibes with you if you're down, 'cause that shit is cool.

I'm lucky to say that I have clients  that I'm still friends with to this day that I met years back when I first started.  It's one of the biggest reasons I feel grateful to have this job.  I know that when my  couples  and I connect on a personal level, that's when the best work comes together.  I'm here to create a partnership so I can provide you with a keepsake-

It's more than just taking your picture.


Photo by Mary Bell Photography

bride and groom kissing in wooded forest

"She made our photographs look like a literal fairytale."

"I'm not sure that high enough praise exists for Tia. She's a very young photographer and we stumbled across her work through a mutual friend. We couldn't be luckier to find her - she made magic happen with not only our wedding photos but also our engagement photos. And not only is she crazy talented, she is also incredibly sweet and kind and really goes the extra mile to make your memories beautiful. Our wedding was at my grandmother's house - a beautiful little place by the woods, and Tia made our photographs look like a literal fairy tale. I started crying when I first saw the close up shots of my husband and I kissing.

We are so thankful to you, Tia, for capturing our special day! We plan to use you for all of our couples' and family sessions in the future."


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